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Editor’s Note:  Through this month of April, Real Women have been sharing reasons that lead them to find time to praise the Lord during their daily activities.  This week, we continue this series as two of our writers share how God has used their times of praise to draw them closer to His heart and fill them with His love. 

I will be glad and rejoice in you;

I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

Psalm 9:2

“I often praise God through worship.  I have learned to keep certain songs in a playlist, so when my thoughts turn to life’s concerns, or I become stressed or anxious, or the world bombards me with untruth, I turn on that playlist.  These reminders lead me to speak truth to myself and to praise our Mighty God.”


“As I study the Bible I am inspired to praise.  I always come away renewed and refreshed,  even if I have only read one verse.  I am reminded of the amazing spiritual gifts the Lord God gives to His children to use replenish our bodies and our minds.  I am reminded of the Fruits of the Spirit which He gives us because we are His children.  Equally, the glorious wording of the Psalms that put God’s attributes on display in poetry, the incredible stories of Jesus’ time here on earth, the truths from the New Testament writings to the early church that span from practical every-day stuff to philosophical mind puzzles, …the beauty of the beginning of this world, …the Truth of Christ’s coming return…All this and more from my time in the Bible, The Word of God, challenges me and leads me to praise His Greatness!”


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