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Hunger.  It affects all of us in some way.  From our very first days, hunger has been part of our everyday life.  As a newborn, we cry for food. Our tiny bodies grow quickly, and we must have the necessary nourishment to sustain our development.  We cry for sleep, we cry for attention.  We cry for security, we cry for affection.  Isn’t it true, that even now, as adults, we cry for our needs?  Who hasn’t felt the pain of hunger when having gone too long without food? Others struggle everyday to fight against their body’s demands for sleep because to sleep means to miss making money, while still others battle the will to sleep while worry keeps them tossing and turning.  For some, hunger is found in the realm of human connection, a longing to feel desired and needed.

Even if our unmet needs do not evoke us to cry, the longer we go without, the more we will weaken.  We will try desperately to fulfill ourselves, by trying whatever substitute for the real thing we want, but can’t get.  We might turn to an extramarital affair, we might turn to an eating disorder, we may look for an escape in drugs or alcohol.  Maybe we just keep pushing ourselves to take on more in life than we should, because if we could just do enough, maybe that ache inside us would finally go away.  Or we try to live vicariously through someone who seems to have it all, and hope that some of that feeling could come upon us.  We shop for clothes we don’t need, we fill our homes with stuff we won’t use, we dream of something more—bigger or better—that will satisfy our longings.  The list could go on and on…

When we are able to recognize the satisfying sustenance that God provides through Christ and a relationship with Him, we go to Him.  He gives us, without hesitation, the bread of life.  We partake of it, and at last, in that moment, we are full.  In John 6:35, “Jesus declares, ‘I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry.”

When we wander away from God’s presence and do not depend on Him and His words in every aspect of our lives, that hunger, a longing, will return.  God calls us to base our entire lives, our very survival, on Him and His words.  The words I have spoken to you are Spirit and they give life. (John 6:63b)

Gracious Father, I pray that we would seek you to satisfy the hunger that we can’t.  Unless we commune with you, we will remain unfed.  Call us to your table, Lord. May we respond quickly and enthusiastically to come and eat with you.  Give us today, our daily bread.  Fill us with the words that speak life, and remind us to come again and again.  Thank you, God, giver of life, for your words that always satisfy.  We pray these things in the name of your Son, Jesus.  Amen.




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