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Mark 6:39-43 relates the feeding of 5000 people with a few loaves of bread and two fish much to the astonishment of the disciples.  Any cook who has planned a meal for a certain number of people and had extra guests show up, understands what it means to try to make food stretch.  But this miracle wasn’t just about stretching the food to feed more people.  This miracle was a lesson for those present that day and for all of us today.  This miracle was to remind us that whenever we have a need—food, housing, financial, emotional, or spiritual—whatever the need, Jesus Christ will supply.


While the disciples said it was impossible to provide food for so many and urged Jesus to send the people away, Jesus prepared to do what the impossible.  He didn’t do this to embarrass or shame anyone, but rather to communicate His availability and willingness to be our constant supplier.  Jesus chose an ordinary event like eating to remind us that He cares about every aspect of our daily life—nothing is to routine or mundane.  He will supply whatever we need, Phil 4:19 through His resources.


Oh, Lord, some days I get so caught up in trying to figure out how to solve this problem, or meet this need, that I forget to pause and ask You to supply whatever I need.  Thank you Lord Jesus for this visual reminder—two fish and five loaves—that You care about every aspect of my life.  Help me Lord God to lean on Your promises and on Your abilities rather than on my own.  Amen.


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