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Waiting on the Lord is sometimes so cliché.  I hear it said on everything from a bookmark to a TV show.  Most often it is used when people are in desperate times.  What about the times we are not desperate, just impatient.  That’s my story.  Waiting even though I wanted to grow impatient with God.

I grew up in a Christian home that was wonderful.  I was taught not only in Words, but in action about trusting and waiting on God to do His perfect will.  For that I will be eternally grateful as that has made me the woman I am today.

God goes above and beyond when we wait, seek and desire God’s plan. Has he answered every prayer in abundance? No. Sometimes He says NO clearly, and sometimes He says wait. I’m thankful for all the times He has made Himself clear. The times when He seems silent, I have spent on my knees in prayer patiently waiting on the Lord, knowing full well that He does not forget or stop loving His children.

I have learned though in the last years that patiently waiting on the Lord really does bring along the BEST things! I waited for a husband until I was in my 30’s.  Not that I didn’t want to be married.  I really did.  God just knew that the time was not right.  I know God had to take me through a few more trials in order to be prepared for the man God had me marry.  Waiting through those were hard, but God is faithful!  I now have the best husband in the world (for me).   He loves the Lord with all he has and that just makes him an incredible man.

I have always loved children and wanted a large family.  I come from a family where I only had one sibling not for want of more but because God only allowed my parents two. I married a single dad and was blessed with two amazing kids right off the bat.  Our family since has been blessed with two more.   More blessings than I ever even imagined.

I waited to get “things” I wanted, to follow the Lords leading and have no debt. Wow! Having a clean slate and NOTHING to hold you back is incredible.

I waited for a home. God is in the midst of answering that prayer in a way that is so far beyond my own ideas that it is obviously of the Lord and He has decided to bless us in a way only God can.

So you see I have seen the power of waiting on the Lord already. He is amazing and will give us the very best He has to offer if we truly are putting our whole trust in him. I have tried to rush answers and come up with scenarios that seem to be God’s will but not really knowing for certain. Then I made a decision:  let HIM decide when something is right, and let Him take control. Oh the wonderful life I have had! I’m not saying there haven’t been struggles or hard times…but I have been able to see God work in His way and time throughout. What more should we want in our lives that to see an active living God in our own lives?

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