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The holidays! Are they really so happy?!

There is financial stress, multiple family schedules, social engagements, work responsibilities and the dreaded work parties, travel, weather, crazy cousins coming to visit, and through it all a diet teetering on the edge of disaster as you encounter pies and fudge everywhere you turn!

Yet we deeply want the days approaching to truly be times of thanksgiving and celebration, spiritual reflection and sharing. The problem is reality gets in the way of our visions of joy. We are not alone in this. Check out the magazines in line at the grocery store…”Twenty Five Ways to Simplify the Season” and “Foolproof your Holidays”, etc. There are hints for the holidays everywhere, and at Given the Time, we are jumping on the bandwagon, with just a little twist.

This week in our Daily Devotionals, we will hear from five of our own women who are in various stages of life. The hints they share are all about fun and special tradition during the holidays while also highlighting that these are “holy days” we celebrate, holy days set apart to focus on God. We hope you will join us, and if you have special traditions or holiday hints you can pass along to the rest of us, we would love to hear them in the comments box.

The holiday season is just around the corner and now is a great time to set some goals about how this season can truly be Happy Holidays!

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