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I have been known to be very cynical about our legal system and the justice people experience in the courts. But there is one judge who doesn’t take into account the political system, the dynamics of the relationship he has with those appearing in front of him, or the precedent set by prior courts and decisions.  Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, is not only culturally and politically “blind” but He metes out truly unbiased judgment.  I John 2:1 reminds us that He is the ultimate lawgiver and judge.

Today, whether or not I face the legal system or just my family and friends, I am well aware that I not only need Jesus as my friend, but as my advocate and judge.  He is the One I need to examine the facts in my life and extend grace and mercy–oh, do I need His mercy today.  I need to hear “your sins are forgiven”…a more powerful phrase than “not guilty” or “case dismissed.” We are reminded that God remembers our sin no more and sends them as far as the east is from the west because of the Gift of Grace Jesus Christ gave us on the cross of Calvary.  Even with a not guilty verdict or dismissal, there remains a permanent legal record of the case, but not so when Jesus is my advocate and judge.

This week I want to dialog with you about Jesus my friend who advocates for me and is a far more fair judge than any court in the land.  Please share with me your stories of how you have experienced Jesus advocating for you.


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