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When it comes to the “wow factor,” it is hard to beat a new pair of red high heels!  But have you heard?  There is something exciting and wonderful that we women can be a part of in 2011.  Better than a great sale on red shoes!


We have just finished celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It has been a season of love, family, friendship, joy, peace and much kinder attitudes.  There is no reason this has to be only for a few weeks each year.  The Lord God is calling us to spread His love to a needy, hurting world in 2011.

As women we can individually and collectively make the choice to start something today that will make 2011 more exciting and more rewarding for us, our families and our friends.  But most of all, we have the incredible opportunity to shine the light of God’s love in a world filled with confusion and negativity.

Click here for five Daily Devotionals in which we will explore Starting Something.  As we prepare to enter a new decade, we can decide to think like Christ and love everyone we meet today.  We can exhibit a new attitude that others will catch in 2011.

Additional Study:  Romans 12:9-11, Psalms 107:1-2, Psalms 108:1-3, Proverbs 11:25

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For the past few weeks we have been looking at the story of Advent—the coming or arrival of something or, in this case, someone important—our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  We can rejoice and celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth because we are reading it through the lens of 2000 years of history.  Yet for those ordinary people who lived and had a role in the first Advent, what must it have been like?  What were those individuals like?  What must it have been like to have lived anticipating the arrival of this precious baby?

Click here for five Daily Devotionals in which we will look at the faith and belief of the ordinary people who were pivotal characters in Jesus’ birth.  We would love for you to stop in each day and join us for the conversation.  Merry Christmas!

Additional Study:  Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-3

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Welcome to week two of our Advent series!  We are enjoying a little “people watching” through the pages of Scripture, looking at the various personalities who took part in the Nativity story.

As we travel deeper in to the story of the Nativity, it is with a real sense of awe to observe God’s hand at work in the different people’s lives.  That same hand is at work in your life and in mine today!  Please join us for five  Daily Devotionals as we watch Shepherds, Wise Men, and Prophets respond to the birth of Jesus Christ, our Immanuel.

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Are you a people watcher?  I am.  And the holiday season is prime people watching time!  Malls are packed and everyone is out and about on their various missions. Sometimes what I observe is inspiring, like the gentleness of a grandchild with someone I imagine is an elderly family member.  Sometimes what I see is funny and other times it is pathetic, but it is always entertaining to let my imagination weave a life story out of the brief glimpse in to a stranger’s life.

This Christmas season I am also people watching from my comfy chair by the fire.  Through the pages of the Bible, God allows us a glimpse in to various people’s life story.  I am particularly interested right now in the characters found in the Nativity.  Scripture may not give the full background and all the juicy details that we might wish for, but what we get is a chance to connect with another person’s true life story, the opportunity to understand them a little better, and maybe even be inspired to improve our own life story by following their example.

We have posted ten Scriptural meditations here on our Daily Devotional page, in which we can read the words of the story of the Nativity just as they are recorded in the Bible.  And in the week before Christmas, our Daily Devotional will zoom in for a closer look at the faith of such people as Joseph, and the Magi, and the Shepherds.  I am very excited about this series, and it is going to be a really great few weeks ahead of us.  I hope you will take a few minutes each day to join us as we turn our eyes towards the true meaning of this season.

Merry Christmas!

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